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Please see the following slide deck that was presented by Ms. Brody on October 26, 2022.
Google Classroom Overview Zoom Recording (please log in with your child's DOE account to access the Zoom recording, Passcode: ^Gc2PbFp). The recording will be available until December 4, 2022.
Questions & Answers:
Q: Are Kindergarten classes using Google Classroom?
A: Yes, all teachers have set up Google Classroom for their students. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you do not see the course in Google Classroom.
Q: How do parents sign up for guardian summaries?
A: Your child's teacher will send you an invite via email. Please let them know that you want to receive guardian summaries in Google Classroom.
Q: How do parents get their child's email address and password?
A: Please reach out to your child's teacher. You can also reset your child's password through NYCSA (parent portal).
Q: How can students join their teacher's Google Classroom?
A: Students will see an invitation to join their teacher's course on google classroom once they log into Google Classroom (website or app).
Q: Can parents see their child's grades on Google Classroom?
A: If an assignment is graded, the grade will be posted next to the assignment on your child's account. Note: Not all grades/teachers use Google Classroom to record grades. Please reach out to your child's teacher for further information.
How to Use Class Dojo (Part 1)
Learn how to:
  • Switch between the parent account and student account (profiles).
  • View class and school stories.
How to Use Class Dojo (Part 2)
Learn how to:
  • Set your language preference
  • Message teachers